Judith floats her boat

20 Jan

I came upon Jim Christensen late in my searching for Judith.  And what a lovely surprise!   I love his whimsical view of the world.

James C. Christensen, “Judith & Holofernes,” 2005, Limited edition paper print, 9 x 12 in,

Christensen has many depictions of human and magical beings in flight, sometimes in a boat.    This work shows Judith taking flight with Holofernes’ head in a bag aboard a fanciful catboat whose mast is topped by a menorah – wearing a blue robe with the Star of David design.    While many of Christensen’s images relate to the celebration of Christmas, the menorah and Start of David tie this image to the celebration of Hanukah.    Probably a social or commercial counterweight to all the Angels and Santas that populate the season.

How nice to see Judith in a lightweight scenario compared to the usual heavy tension and gore in the story.

James C. Christensen, Judith, 2007, needlepoint, 16 x 21.25 in,

While this second work does not show Judith in flight, she is attired in a billowing (bilious?) Renaissance gown and headdress.    No gory head – but masses of jewels and golden embroidery.   And a very innocent expression.

The whimsical aspect?   This is an image for a needlepoint canvas, using 89 colors of yarn.  Once I complete this blog, I may have to order the kit to fill up my free time – for the next 5 years.

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