Judith is “Chained”

27 Jan

Luc ten Klooster, “Judith and Holofernes, from ‘Chained,'” 2005, photograph,

Looks like Klooster may be channeling a grandmother for this sepia-tinted photograph.  Which makes me feel sorry for the grandfather.

Actually this is one in a large series of photographs (45 in all) that depict women from ancient history and myth.  The series is based on the quote from Lady Jane Wilde: “We have now traced the history of women from Paradise to the nineteenth century and have heard nothing through the long roll of the ages but the clank of their fetters.” (1)

As Klooster explains:

I was always fascinated by old paintings , scenes and portraits with a historical or mythological background. The famous figures from the past inspired many painters but it is not so often that we see them in photographical works. Is the subject too “old fashioned”? Photographers, too, can still learn a lot of the paintings of the old masters! (You just have to look at those old paintings, why are they often so powerful?) The ancient Greek and Roman art inspired me to make “photostatues”, “photopaintings” and “photofrescoes” of my models. Of course I am aware of the fact that sometimes my mythological figures have a certain erotic radiation. I think there is nothing wrong about that. There would be no human life without eroticism. But eroticism never will be the first purpose of my pictures.(2)

Could eroticism be the second purpose?

(1)  Luc ten Klooster Photography, commercial > Art > Art Nude > “Chained”

(2)  FocusGallery: Luc ten Klooster about “Chained”

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