Judith vanishes

05 Feb

Professor A. Galduci, “Judith,” c.1910-20, Carrara marble sculpture, 15 x 11.5 x 42.5 in, Valerio Antiques Art Deco (ref C4640), Coral Gables, Florida, USA

*sigh*  Another work of art that is shrouded in mystery.  So let’s make up a story.

Once upon a time in Coral Gables, Florida, there was an antique gallery that specialized in items from the 20th Century Art Deco period.  Among the vases and luminaire and lounges and bronze statues, there was a lonely young woman in a statue named Judith.   She gazed across the showroom floor at the empty glass urns in the colors of the rainbow being snapped up.  She glared at the scantily clad bronze women with bobbed hair being lapped up.  All the while standing stoically, silently with moral superiority and a Big Ass Sword.

A man named Pygmalion entered the shop one day, looking for an ivory statue of Galatea.  But upon seeing the power of Judith, he abandoned his search and desired her marble stillness alone.  Thus he paid a handsome price and whisked her out of the shop and off their website.  And she now standS watch over his front door, sending him on his way with a scowl and greeting him with a smirk upon his return.

The End.

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