Judith in a Courtly Romance

08 Feb

Elena Shlegel, “Judith,” 2006, posted May 2010 on

In Schlegel’s style of “Courtly Romanticism”

An artist lives partially in a dream – just like a poet does.I strive to reflect something impossible to exist…to allow an audience to see beyond the reality,to make up its own fairy-tale,to become a participator and a creator. And thus to feel happy for a moment…

In between a day and a night
A summer and a winter
Reality and a dream
Ups and downs
Emptiness and creation.
To stop a feeling of time and a place of crossing, a border –
And to reflect in a form of artistic images.
One can talk or be silent
In between the lines, the words and the thoughts there is something left on a canvas.
Things, characters and symbols interact with each other
Creating a complex multilayered space.
A fairy-tale with its romantic feel.
Water, milk, blood, a woman, a bird, a cat, a jar, a tangle, a house,
A city, a roadway…
Blood moves in a body, water flows in a river, milk of an old fairy-tale
Pours into our vessels and returns refreshed by a myth. (1)

But with all this romanticism,  I suspect that this portrait in not the Biblical Judith.

No matter.  I like it anyway.

(1) BellaBelarus: Elena Shlegel.

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