Judith: Going, Going, Gone

22 Feb

It seems I have exhausted the museums and have mined the contemporary works for Judith, and what remains are the auctions.   Yes, there have been works sold at auction included in the posts prior to today but … this is all I have left.    Not that all the pieces from auctions are poor quality or have suspicious origins, it’s just that … they seem like orphans.  Very expensive orphans.

Having made that rambling introduction to this section, I will now rip into this unique item:

Claudio Ridolfi, “Judith and Holofernes,” oil on slate, 37 x 36 cm, auctioned by Dorotheum Dec 14, 2010 (Lot 56)

Not exactly the loveliest Judith i have seen.  On the downside of this painting –

  • It is an octagon.  how will anyone find a frame for that at Walmart?
  • It is painted on slate.  and everyone knows slates are only good for chalk, duh.
  • Judith is wearing a butt-ugly dress.
  • Judith looks like she is slicing ham instead of decapitating a live person.

But on the upside –

  • Her hand over Holofernes’ eyes is cracking me up.  don’t peek: it will only take a minute to carve that ham you want for your sandwich!
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