Judith in triplicate

23 Feb

William Etty, “Judith and Holofernes, triptych,” 1827-1831, oil on canvas, 21¼ x 29 in. (total size including frame), auctioned by Christie’s Sep 3, 2008 (Lot 181), London, England, UK

Damn, damn, damn.

I have been chasing William Etty all over the internet the last few days, only to conclude:

  • Etty loved to paint nudes – even though the subject scandalized the Victorians
  • Etty executed three pictures,”Deliverance of Bethulia by Judith,” from 1827 to 1831 during visits to Scotland – which he himself considered among his best works
  • Wikipedia says they are “all in the National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh” – but they are not
  • Therefore … this triptych must be the three Judith‘s

Anyone care to debate?


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