Judith gets down

28 Feb

This is a lovely depiction of Judith, so why did I not see it before?

Probably because it is so dark in here.

Francesco Rustici (il Rustication), “Judith and Holofernes,” 121 x 92 cm, auctioned by Finarte, May 19, 1999, Milan, Italy

Francesco Rustici (il Rustichino) – not to be confused with Giovanni Francesco Rusticithe High Renaissance Sculptor – was a lesser known Baroque artist.   Too bad because this is a unique and lovely portrayal of Judith in the act of decapitating Holofernes.   As opposed to attacking Holofernes from the front, she has him rolled on his face so he can’t see what is coming – giving a nice view of his muscular back and shoulders.  This position also means she does not have to look at his pained expression – which is probably why she appears so serene.  And her profile suggests the determination to get down to business without breaking a sweat.

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