Judith and the winemaker

21 Mar

Says the artist of his interests:

… the most important and valuable thing for me is winemaking. In Kakheti I make my own wine. I have different kinds of grape and I make three or four wines from it. I make red wine – saperavi, green wine – manavskoye, and white wine – rkatsiteli. I use my own recipes and that is why I manage to make absolutely special wine. I feel that my power and the power of winemaking process join together and that helps my wine be exactly as I want it to be. Not only taste is important in wine, but also the way it influences a person. One doesn’t go drunk of good wine, but fills with creative, constructive power. Wine is a living being. It is in a certain way like a human being. Young wine is as a teenager restless, and then it calms down, becomes steadier, mature. (1)

Judith (2000) Besik Arbolishvili

Besik Arbolishvili, “Judith,” 2000

So here lies Judith giving Holofernes the “come hither” look.   Young and restless, then calmed down, steadier, mature.  Shall we commence the uncorking?

(1) Art Seven Oil Painting Gallery: Besik Arbolishvili

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