Judith in a snit

19 Jun

Definition of SNIT: a state of agitation, such as “she was in a snit after searching for days and finding no valid reference for this painting.”  Followed shortly by pouting.

Judith () Onorio Marinari

Onorio Marinari (1627-1715), “Judith And Holofernes,” oil on canvas, 107.7 x 88.2 cm, auctioned by Christie’s, London, Jul 6, 2011 (Lot# 208 )


According to one source, this painting of Judith was auctioned by Christie’s. Now two sources. However, I can find no record of it being offered at a Christie’s auction on their website – not even by looking at all the lots on that sale date.  Mysteriously, #208 is missing!

And yet, here she is in her blushing pink gown and true blue robe, with the hilt of her Big Ass Sword sawing all the way through Holofernes’ neck.  Looking so serene.  Not a snit anywhere nearby.

I bet Holofernes wished she would have gone missing a little earlier.

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