Judith gets a room

02 Jul

To be clear:  this is NOT about the Biblical Judith.

This IS about a middle aged woman named “Judith” who was willing to pose for nude portraits. Twice.

judith (1999) Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn Lee, “Untitled (Judith #1),” 1999, chromogenic print, 47 x 38 cm, sold by Rose Gallery, Santa Monica, California, US

Judith (2002) Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn Lee, “Untitled (Judith #2),” 2002, chromogenic print, 47 x 38 cm, Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Cambridge, Massachusettes, US

Which leads me to say … “Nice boots. New hair-do?  Yes, those hot flashes are a bitch.”

But the true story from the artist, Jocelyn Lee:

I photograph portraits because I am curious about people, and our tenacious attempts to find meaning and direction in the world. I am particularly interested in how we reveal our vulnerability, which is not something our culture reinforces or encourages.

My portraits are about the things people consider when they are alone or in between moments of inactivity and reflection: aging, illness, sex, the body, states of transition, our desire for connection, and the search for personal identity.

I am interested in finding the physical and psychological beauty in things that are frequently overlooked: the quality of a middle-aged woman’s naked body, alone in a motel room; the way lingerie is filled with hope and expectation for physical intimacy; or the quality of light on a person’s skin as they sit on their bed before a day of activity. (1)

Now I see.  The door – first, closed and chained then half open with expectation.  The light coming from the right – first low like the morning and then higher like the afternoon. The nakedness and direct gaze in a cheap hotel room, contrasted with the downcast look and forced erotica of black lingerie in an austere 18th century setting.  Authenticity and artifice. Anticipation and disappointment.  Hope and despair.

The juxtaposition of being Judith.

(1) Jocelyn Lee: Statement on Portraits (1996–Present)”

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