Judith and John

06 Jul

I have two choices …

Judith (2012) judyta i holofernes

Klaudii Eckert, “judyta i holofernes,” 2012,

One: I can wait until the artist responds to my comment on her blog. Two: I can write about it and complete the details as the response arrives.

And by now you know I have selected the second alternative. Although I still want to know more.

This is Holofernes portrayed as John Lennon.  I have no reason to suspect that Judith is Yoko Ono.  And i am not sure how Lennon transgressed so that he deserved to be decapitated.  But maybe that’s the point:  he did not deserve to be separated from his head anymore than he deserved to be shot down in the street by a delusional fan.  Yet here he is, presiding over a still life with the iconic Warhol can of Cambpell’s soup and two watering cans – one red, one green.

I am lost on the symbolism.  But the color makes up for it.  Cheery and bright, in contrast to the dismal theme of Holofernes’ murder.  Spring-like in contrast to death.  And maybe that’s the point:  that Holofernes death wasn’t all about the guts and gore, but about a new beginning and starting fresh.

Unless the hidden cryptic story for all the Beatles fans is …

  • … after the elders came to her and said Hey JudeHelp!, Judith was on The Long and Winding Road to the camp and Holofernes’ tent.  
  • She heard him drunkenly promise  “Can’t Buy Me Love but Whatever Gets You Thru the NightDear Mistress of Bethulia – We Can Work It Out.
  • Despite his sloppy promises, she knew they would never Come Together.   
  • So she said Hello Goodbye before taking his head, then got a Ticket to Ride to Get Back to Bethulia.
  • Where she could declare to the elders It’s been a Hard Day’s Night before posting the head on the city wall as a warning to the Assyrian army to Let It Be .

 <sigh> That was exhausting and slightly painful.

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