Judith and the Party Pooper

20 Jul

“Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you – Party Pooper. Party Pooper.”

Pardon me for a moment while I point a finger at a Party Pooper.  Because this blog is a party in celebration of art and artists, of Judith and women, of history and geography, of wit and humor and sometime tragedy.  It has never been about exploitation or manipulation or profits.  It has been about learning and searching and fun.  And it has been about me.

I have honored those who told the story of Judith – and have attempted to contact the living artists to share my appreciation.  I have not always been successful, and for that I apologize.  I hope you understand that I only want to give recognition to your work and share it with an audience so they can appreciate your work even more.

Upon us all a little rain must fall – or in this case poop – and I am not immune.  It is a shame that some work cannot be shared here even with the proper attribution – because it is “owned” and I might someday profit from it (and monkeys might fly out my Mitsubishi).  I can only shrug and say it is a legal matter and the party in question can keep the images that I guess they never meant to celebrate.

And after typing too many words on the matter, let us now turn to celebrate those who HAVE been kind enough to share and DO want recognition and celebration of their artistic expression of Judith.

Party On and let the posts resume!!

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