Judith and the Cuppa Joe

10 Jan

After about a year and 4 months, it seems about time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Looks like Conrad Melt’s “Judith” is ready to take on hostess duties.

Judith (2013) Ira Carter

Ira Carter, “Holofernes,” 2013, Photocollage, 3 1/3” x 6 3/4”,


Last time we saw this Judith was exactly 3 years ago today.  Uh … that’s a weird coincidence and not at all contrived.  But here she is again, using Holofernes’ severed head as a coffee urn to serve her guest in (what appears to be) Sabino Canyon outside Tucson, Arizona.

I will confess: I love collages when they are done well. The combination of different times and themes and styles can be quite clever in telling a surprising story.  And Ira Carter is a master at collages – and at staying out of the limelight, because it has been next to impossible to find anything about him.  A good guess is to look at Ira Carter Art or Art From the Future where you can find more intriguing collages.  Actually, I will defer to Moray Mair from Mutant Space who sums it up quite well –

Ira Carter’s collages are rooted in esoteric iconography, pop art and the Victorian obsession with the occult and the discovery of objects from the ancient world. There are plenty of pagan symbols, pop culture iconography from the 1950’s and illustrations of animals from old encyclopaedias in each collage, a strange juxtaposition of the modern with the ancient, the digital and the mechanical, pop art and vintage photography.

This amalgam of pictures, gleaned from disparate sources, creates a unsettling feeling in Carter’s collages, an incongruity that you can’t quite shake off, the images playing off each other uneasily, banging together, trying to fit but not quite managing it, creating an energy that permeates through every digital collage.

I’d love to know more about Ira Carter, his collages are strange hybrids, his use of imagery clever. But he’s a cypher, there is nothing on him anywhere, only his work exists. So without any starting point I decided to look up the meaning of his name. Perhaps its origins had something to do with his preoccupation with the ancient world.

And what I found was quite interesting for Ira means watchful in Hebrew, was the name of King David’s priest and in Sanskrit is the name of the wind-god who is father of the monkey god Hanuman. So now you know.”


War on Women

Ira Carter, “War on Women”

Satan Was a Baker

Ira Carter, “Satan Was A Baker”


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