Judith brings the pain killers

11 Jan

Poor Holofernes.

It’s been a long day and there was so much wine.

The music was loud and the soldiers were cheering.

This woman just kept talking and talking about how great it was going to  be when he moved into her villa in Bethulia.

Except the weather here is so ridiculously hot and humid, which leaves a body feeling like a heavy wet rag.

And then the pollen count is up, which makes his sinuses swell like sheep bladders after the rain.

Oiy, what to do for this headache.


Judith (c. 1880) Neuhaus

Fritz Neuhaus (1852-1922), “Judith und Holofernes,” c.1880, oil on canvas, 107 x 171.5 cm, auctioned by Schloss Ahlden, December 26, 2005 (Lot #1668)


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