Judith IS Blue

20 Jan

If you follow this blog, you have probably figured out that i can be a little … obsessive. I mean, isn’t that the definition of having a blog devoted to finding ALL the artwork about Judith in the world?

Therefore you can imagine how finding an artist who is similarly obsessed with something could be overwhelming. Especially when the obsession is nude women who are blue.

Judith (1971) Felix Labisse

Felix Labisse (1905-1982), “Entreé de Judith,” 1971, oil on canvas, 81.3 x 60 cm, auctioned by Christie’s, London, April 21, 2010 (Lot# 94)


The artist is Felix Labisse, a self-taught painter whose style was surrealist “through which (he was) able to give meticulous, concrete form to a dream like universe. His paintings are a patiently executed gallery of mythological portraits, revealing his personal obsessions and the collective obsessions of the period.” (1)  In particular, Labisse is known for his famous blue women painted over several decades – of which Judith happens to be one.

At this point, I have counted almost thirty blue women produced by Labisse. And you know I would show you each and every one of them in painful detail but … they take up a LOT of room.

And then there would not be space for these other famous blue femme fatales:








V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.


(1) Waterhouse and Dodd Fine Art Brokers, Artist List: Felix Labisse.

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