Judith and the scissors

30 Jan

Awww. How sad. Accidents do happen and little girls can be so sensitive to the stuffed animals they nurture. You want to help them mend the damage and yet …

Judith (2012) Neona Karageorgos

Neona Karageorgos, “Judith Slaying Holofernes,” 2012, Charcoal/Pastel drawing, 18 x 24 in, N.Karas Art blog


… this picture is not what it seems.

As Neona graciously describes the scene:

My pastel artwork, Judith Slaying Holofernes, is named after the painting done by Artemisia Gentileschi, a baroque painter and someone whom I view as a strong and accomplished woman of her time, especially being a woman in the time period she was living in.

My artwork was a project in college. We had to choose an artist as an inspiration, take their artwork and create our own twist and interpretation of their work in our own piece. The contradiction of a female character committing what would be seen as a violent and masculine act, drew my attention. My own artwork tends to have morbid propensities, so naturally I chose this painting as my inspiration. I also like to show contradictions and have an element of surprise to my work.

I had my younger sister and my niece pose for the pastel drawing. I wanted to show innocence committing a dark act. They didn’t actually cut the stuffed animals head off, I drew it that way, but it was drawn subtle enough that many people who view the drawing ( it is hanging up in my office), don’t see the scissors right away. When they do notice are intrigued by the drawing that much more. You wouldn’t expect such sinister behavior from the seemingly innocent children, nor would one expect a woman to commit such a heinous act like a beheading.

I don’t know why I keep laughing .. and then frowning.  Maybe I should ask what these little girls are doing today … or maybe not.  But whatever the outcome, Neona nailed it.

You may also want to see her other work as a tattoo artist here.  The bowling pins are my favorite.

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