Judith and the Empty Basin

25 Feb
Judith (1530-40) Ewer Basin, Deruta, Italy

Unknown artist, Molded Ewer Basin with Judith Holding the Head of Holofernes, c. 1530-40, earthenware with tin glaze (maiolica), 3.3 x 39.1 cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, US

From the Philadelphia Museum of Art description:

An embossed metal basin probably inspired this design, of which only six examples are known, each with a different central image. In Florence and elsewhere, the biblical heroine Judith sometimes represented civic victory over a powerful foe; however, her depiction as a nude figure is unusual, as is the superior quality of the painting.

They make it sound like they rarely saw a nude Judith or a Judith that was skillfully painted.  Obviously never read this blog.

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