Judith into the Woods

26 Feb

Yesterday I found a pretty basin.  Today, Andrii Bondart takes it into the woods to use it in his photo storyboard about Judith and Holofernes.

Judith, part I

Judith, part II

Judith, part III

Judith, part IV

Bondart is a young photographer from the Ukraine – trained in the UK as well as self-taught.  I can’t decide if he only knows mystically beautiful people or if he just has the skill to make everyone look mystically beautiful.  In this series, he depicts Judith as very earthy – almost blending in with the woodland surroundings – and quite isolated in her violence against Holofernes.  The concrete slab in which she sits in the last photograph is particularly atmospheric – resembling a coroner’s table or a sacrificial altar, and reflecting the harsh, cold nature of her action.

While Bondart’s Judith is spectacular, not all his themes are downers.  I was especially attracted to his other series of Fairytales, in which objects (and a few people) defy gravity. Lighten up and enjoy!

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