Judith has a Current Affair, Part 2

28 Sep

In the unending quest to be informative and entertaining, Current Affairs magazine added to the original article about Judith with another trove of paintings. Of course WE know there are enough artworks of Judith to talk about for three years, but 10 more paintings is better than none.

So once again I share with you “10 More Paintings of Judith Beheading Holofernes” by Lyta Gold & Brianna Rennix.

Greetings, faithful readers! We understand that our earlier rankings of Judith and Holofernes struck a certain chord with the public in these trying times. On the theory that there can never, ever be too much of a good thing, we bring you this direct-to-video sequel.

So who is included in the second round?

  1. Fede Galizia
  2. Cornelius Galle the Elder
  3. Carlo Saraceni
  4. Conrad Meit
  5. Woodcut from the Nuremberg Chronicle
  6. Michelangelo
  7. Giovanni Baglione
  8. August Riedel
  9. Artemisia Gentileschi
  10. (And is winner is once again) Artemisia Gentileschi



I can’t say that I 100% agree with the rankings but I did thoroughly enjoy the comments as if they had sprung from my own head. I hope you enjoy them, too. And let’s hope the authors discover the other 728 works of art in this blog for a few more installations in their magazine. Just what we need to exemplify feminine outrage in these trying times.

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