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Judith “In Our Time”

A tip of the hat to reader and commenter Ian Lowell for leading me to this podcast.

In Our Time is a live BBC radio discussion series exploring the “history of ideas” over specific historical, philosophical, religious, cultural or scientific topics. The series is discussions led by Melvyn Bragg with “three absolutely top-class academics” on the subject. In this podcast, the three academics are:

  • Susan Foister (Curator of Early Netherlandish, German and British Painting, National Gallery)
  • John Gash (Senior Lecturer in History of Art, University of Aberdeen)
  • Ela Nutu Hall (Research Associate, Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield)

This academic discussion is right up my nerdy alley. And an exercise in recalling the art works discussed, since there are no visuals.

So if you have 50 minutes and the inclination to intellectually dissect the history of Judith in art, follow along.  As I listen to this a second and third time, I’ll add the visuals that are missing.


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