Judith: More to the Tale

08 Jul

After The Canterbury Tales discussed yesterday, William Russell Flint (1880-1969) continued to illustrate color-plate books through 1929 in an oriental style. While still technically excellent, some of the warmth and romanticism was diminished from this earlier work. This is especially evident in Judith and Tobit and Susanna. (1)

Judith (1928) was limited to 875 copies, issued by The Haymarket Press. With contents on handmade paper, it contains four lithograph illustrations by Flint. It can still be found on sale by antique booksellers.

Although these images may be considered inferior to Flint’s earlier work because they are missing the sumptuous backgrounds, in their simplicity they still capture the beauty of the female figure and the drama of Judith’s encounter with Holofernes.

Judith Adorns Herself
Judith Before Holofernes
Judith Reaches for the Scimitar
Judith Returns to Bethulia with Holofernes’ Head

I especially dig the red flip flops.

Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., “Sir William Russell Flint,” JVJ Publishing Illustators, created 1997 and updated, 2011.

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