Is it true, Judith Martin is asked as the interview winds down, that she was banned from Tricia Nixon’s wedding?

After a pregnant pause: “Yes.”

“I was banned from Tricia’s wedding,” Judith Martin says, recalling her days as a Washington Post reporter. “But I have to go back to Julie (Nixon)’s wedding.”

“You crashed Julie’s wedding,” Bina adds.

“I crashed Julie’s, but I didn’t (really) because I had (media) credentials. The White House East Wing social secretary gathered all the reporters who had credentials and said we were not allowed in, but she was going to tell us what happened. Well, no self-respecting reporter would accept that! We had credentials, and we went in.”

“Tell the story, though,” Bina says. “You hid out in the bathroom, right?”

“Another reporter and I were in the bathroom. We started talking with some of the bridesmaids, and we just walked back in with them.”

Bina Martin grins: “Isn’t that awesome? She was also on the Nixon enemies list!”

“No, I was on the ‘deep freeze’ list.” (1)