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Judith looks for approval

Antonio De Chiara, “Judith,” 2003, Oil on canvas, 80 x 90 cm, Collezione Galleria Ponte Rosso, Milan, Italy

This may or may not be the Judith I have been pursuing.    Minus the sword and the maid.

But even without the sword and the maid, this a Judith with power.    Even if she is not planning to decapitate this General, she does have him in her confident control.

My guess is that Judith has selected new drapes for the tent and has made the fourth request for Holofernes’ approval.   After binding his wrists behind his back (by suggesting a little sumpin’-sumpin’), she is now emphatically directing his attention to the drapes, holding him by the throat and asking:  What do you think about the drapes now, sucka?

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