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Judith has Second Thoughts

 Doubt, regret, worry and consternation. All conveyed subtly in this exotic batik. Compared to the carnage displayed in many depictions of Judith, this is a very contemplative portrait.

Victoria Dubovyk is “an artist of various textile forms” who has devoted over 30 years to batik (a technique of painting on silk).

Victoria Dubovyk, “Judith,” Paint on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), 85 x 75 cm, sold on Saatchi Art

The artist says of this artwork

This artwork is based on the well-known biblical story that inspired numerous artists for many centuries. Normally Judith is depicted as a person that is fully sure in rightfulness of her action. To the contrary, my Judith is full of doubts and she even feels sorry… An action was done in the gust of anger, and now comes comprehension… 

I have chosen quiet silver-green-grey colours for this work, so that they do not come into conflict with numerous decorative elements in the upper half of the painting, which symbolise the thoughts going through the Judith’s head. In my interpretation Judith is only a woman, she has her doubts, she is sorry, she is worried and tries to understand if her action was right or wrong… 

This artwork is made with use of complicated author’s technique of batik and painting. This artwork is painted on the natural silk cloth with professional German silk paints, batik textile dyes, waxes, etc. (KREUL Javana). The paint is water based, has no smell, and is fade and wash resistant (after fixing).

Judith is part of “Women’s Whims” series, in which “whims are often mysterious and unpredictable and sometimes intelligible and rather straight forward.”  You decide which is which –

A Walk

A Trendy Hat

Of course, you found that slutty Salome. She just can’t help sticking her nose into everything …

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