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Judith hatched in copper

I am sure the computer image of this artwork does not do it justice and it comes to life in person. But even as a flat image, Scott Fischer has created an arresting portrait of the strength of Judith.

Scott Fischer, Judith and Holofernes, FW acrylic ink on copper, 6.25 x 9 in, sold by

In the words of the artist –

The legendary Judith, beheading Holofernes, taking destiny into her own hands. Diving deep into my obsession with lines, hatched in carefully controlled value ranges, as a vehicle to lead you through a piece. Keeping your eyes swimming. This painting is on copper, and as part of the process I engrave down through the paint in select areas to the metal below. The final mesmerizing effect makes for a piece that can only truly be appreciated in person, for it will change as light reflects when you walk by.

See video of the entire creation on Instagram


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