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Judith with another student

A few days ago I spoke of Vasari as the Father of Biographical Art History.

Or Art Biographical History.

Or Historical Art Biographies.


By beating the internet with one more search, I unearthed this painting by Vasari’s student – Lorenzo Sabatini (c. 1530–1576).

Judith (1562) Lorenzo Sabatini

Lorenzo Sabatini (C. 1530-76), “Judith with the Head of Holofernes,” c. 1562, Oil on canvas, 110 x 85 cm, Banca del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Bologna, Italy

Sabatini adds an element that I have rarely seen in any paintings of this story: Holofernes’ helmet. Not that it protected his head.

He also gives Judith an appearance that is warrior-like, with the epaulets on the shoulders and the metal-worked neckline of her gown.  And wisely, he dressed her in solid red to avoid all the blood-letting.  That was thinking ahead – or a head.

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