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Judith chews the scenery

I have heard the phrase “If the walls had ears …” but in this case the walls have toothy grimaces.

And Judith takes the foreground with Holofernes’ head on a platter as if she is ready for a Fourth of July picnic.

Seems appropriate for today.

Keri Oldham, “Judith & Holofernes,” 22 x 30 inches, watercolor on paper, sold on Saatchi Art

Keri Oldham employs watercolor on a large scale “to depict bloodied tableaus inspired by folk art, mythology, medieval demonology and fantasy. Her paintings are modern allegories for women’s continued fight for success and identity in modern life.” Her series “Blood Banner” depicts both the demons that form our nightmares and the heroines who slay them: Red Riding Hood, Judith and others. Judith is depicted in both of these as a domestic goddess – attired in a sleeveless summer dress and wearing a kerchief over her tidy hair. The bloody falchion stands in the background and Judith’s dress bears the blood spatter of her deed.

Keri Oldham, “Judith,” 24 x 30 inches, watercolor on paper, sold on Keri Oldham

It is unclear why this version has a gutted alligator on the wall (was Holofernes hidding inside? was Holofernes an actual serpent?), but that adds to the sense of Americana. I mean, what could be more American than violence?

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