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Judith studies anatomy

She is small – but mighty.  And she is somewhere out there.  I just don’t know where.

UNEONE since 1993 holofernes and judith

Fidel Ordonez (Uneone) (1974 – ), “Judith and Holofernes”

I present the street art of Uneone, an artist born in Mexico City and based in Calgary.  His artwork has been displayed in galleries, contemporary spaces, wall buildings magazines and books since 2003 throughout Mexico, Europe and States.  In his website, he states the focus of his work is the relationship between disorder, pattern and texture – most recently “human figurative monsters inspired by the eighteenth century by diferent artists who ilustrated the Dante Alighieri’s Inferno (Divine Comedy) he enjoys the interplay of lines details and texture and strives to create a visual reaction within each piece.”

My thoughts on this piece are circumscribed by the limited context and actual borders.  I am not sure I am seeing the entire artwork.  But with that qualification, it is still obvious that this is a monumental struggle in which Holofernes represents the monster with his sharp, grotesque angles – although Judith appears rather harsh as well.  Especially with her orbital socket that looks like it is fractured, probably in the knock-down-drag-out fight with her intended victim.

Yet there is much else to be gleaned from this depiction, from which –

  • I learned a lot about the muscles and tendons of the neck and shoulders.


  • I learned a little about the pros and cons of buttock augmentation

butt aug

  • I have concerns about the lethal nature of Holofernes’ phallus


  • I approve of Judith’s Grace Kelly hairstyle



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Judith wanders the streets

I thought this was one work of art shown in reverse images but now I have determined it is actually TWO works – i just don’t know WHERE they are exactly.

Judith (2010) Christian Guémy - Milano

Christian Guémy, aka C215 (1973- ), “Judith et Olofernes,” 2010, Stencil work, Spray paint on metal, somewhere on the sidewalk in Isola, Milan, IT


Judith (2010) Christian Guémy - Milano

Christian Guémy, aka C215 (1973- ), “Judith et Olofernes,” 2010, Stencil work, Spray paint on metal, somewhere on the sidewalk in Isola, Milan, IT


Milan loves their street art and they love Christian Guémy (also known as C215). A prolific artist across Europe, Guémy creates stencils and then uses them to create his art on outdoor structures. While I have a “thing” for Judith, his other work is even MORE fabulous creations of original art and re-creations of known works..  And just think: it is free for the viewing … if you can find it.

In hopes of narrowing down the 1,891 square kilometres (730 sq mi) of Milan, I found Alexandra Korey’s article “Street art in Milan’s quartiere Isola: the other side of the tracks” to offer hope – and an interactive map.  She writes:

On a hunt for interesting street art in Milan, I went to Quartiere Isola, near Porta Garibaldi metro station, which is the number one area to spot street art and graffiti in the city. Isola was a “popular district” for low-income families that was built in the late 19th century, and the name “Isola” (island) refers to the fact that it was isolated from the rest of the city by the train tracks. This was, literally, the “other side of the tracks”  … Although now mostly gentrified, Isola remains a bit rough around the edges and is in the process of being “cleaned up”. The area’s administrators have embraced street art to combat bad graffiti, commissioning art in and around Porta Garibaldi station in three phases starting in 2011 and lasting 2 years.


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